Blended. With a straw.

Blended learning. Sounds so cliche and trendy, right? Well call it as many names as you can think of, however it is actually just a fancy way integrating technology within the classroom. There are so many options when it comes to changing up the way that we do education with the use of digital classrooms. We can use Google hangouts or we can use Skype. Not only are both effective, but both such a great way to reach all of your students, should they not be able to physically be there in person in for class.

The particular article that I looked at about utilizing Skype in the classroom is interesting for giving you lots of examples as to how students can also utilize Skype to assist in their learning. One of the most popular uses for Skype in the classroom is the virtual field trips or mystery field trips. Classes can connect with students all over the globe and connect with them on a virtual platform to be able to learn things about their culture or also be used as a great activity for a Geography lesson. This also allows the students to see the students learning environment and classrooms even within the same country. How cool would that be for a student who has never left their town or state? They can see the dynamics and similarities as well as the differences when it comes education around the nation or globe.

Here is the link for the article that I am referring to:

How to Use Skype in the Classroom to Get Connected

See you on the Skype side….



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